Survivor Seasons 11-20 Review

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast

Recently, I’ve taken to watching SurvivorHow could I have waited so long, you ask? Okay wait, no, you already asked that. This is my second post in the Survivor seasons reviews. 30 seasons of a show is REALLY LONG. Even if my reviews for each season are only a paragraph!

In order to not make one overwhelmingly long post (which is what I originally started to do but it was so long), I decided to split the season reviews into three separate season review posts and one post for the season rankings and overall Survivor superlatives.

Again, I will state that I did not watch every season. But I did watch at least one episode for every season. And I’m nearly 100% positive that I didn’t miss out on any superior seasons! (I will note the seasons that I didn’t finish.)

As with the previous post, this has been a work-in-progress. I began this as I started watching the middle ten episodes of the Survivor seasons. This is going to be another long post. But I hope it’s as fun to read as it was to write! Feel free to leave your opinions (agree OR disagree) in the comments! Now, without further ado, let the reviewing (and rambling) begin!



Season 11: Guatemala – This was a tough season. It was sooo hot, and there was so much dehydration! And there were crocodiles! Also, so many blindsides. This was the biggest season (so far) for alliance shifts. I never really knew who was going to get eliminated when an episode started. Obviously I thought I did, but I WAS WRONG SO MANY TIMES. You’re right, Jeff, the game can change in an instant. Plus, HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL AND GAME ADVANTAGE IN THE AUCTION! This is the start of a new Survivor.

  • First Thoughts: STEPH IS BACK BITCHES! Also, so is Bobby Jon. Starting out strong this season! And then…an 11-mile hike. Holy crap! That’s brutal! This season is not playing around!
  • My Pick for the Season: Stephenie LaGrossa. Because she’s back. And she can win. I just know it! (Finished 2nd)
  • Most OMG Moment: They ate the tribal sacrifice! No seriously, THEY ATE THE TRIBAL SACRIFICE! (It was a cooked chicken with honey glaze.) I really got a kick of that. And then there was a huge storm! “The gods were angry.” But they were hungry. We all know it was Steph’s idea. Girl loved her food. And we loved her.
  • Favorite Contestant: Lydia Morales. Because she was FUN. And those dance moves were STELLAR. I, obviously, cannot do the pancake. Plus, everyone thought she’d go early and SHE DIDN’T. Lydia was a player of the game, a good one. (Finished 4th)
  • The Winner: Danni Boatwright. My Kansas City Chiefs fan. She instantly got points from me for that. Because GO CHIEFS. 
  • The Villain: Jamie Newton. He was such a jackass. I couldn’t wait to see him go. I get that he tried to make up for being a jack-ass right before he was eliminated but, NOBODY LIKED YOU. (Finished 8th)
  • The Cutest: Blake Towsley. He was a hot frat boy, even though he annoyed everyone (even me). (Finished 14th)
  • Last Thoughts: I hope it isn’t nearly as hot next season, wherever they are. Also, Survivor, you’re definitely getting back in your groove.



Season 12: Panama – Exile Island. I have to say this again. Because it was an insane concept. After every reward challenge, the winning tribe selected one member from the losing tribe to live on Exile Island (alone with the chance at finding the hidden immunity idol!) until the next immunity challenge. I could go on and on about how much I love new twists. They’re always so entertaining. But this season, I disliked SO MANY PEOPLE. Like actually the whole reformed Casaya tribe were INSANE. But I couldn’t stop watching as long as Terry and Cirie were around. Which turned out to be until the finale. Hence, I watched the entire season.

  • First Thoughts: WHAT IS THIS?! FOUR TRIBES?! DIVIDED BY SEX AND AGE?! EXILE ISLAND?! Holy shit. I’m so in, Jeff! Let’s do this!
  • My Pick for the Season: Terry Deitz. The former Navy pilot was so smart and such a leader. He was a solid pick and a stand-up guy! He got so close too! Even though he had a target on his back the entire time! (Finished 3rd)
  • Most OMG Moment: Despite the fire burning tie breaker challenge and Bruce’s medical emergency, I’m sticking with the fact that the hidden immunity idol NEVER GOT PLAYED. It’s a huge part of the game, such an advantage, and Terry never even needed to play it! INSANITY!
  • Favorite Contestant: Cirie Fields. The lady who didn’t like leaves. I was almost certain that she was going to be the first to go, but she swayed her tribe members to vote out Tina instead! From there it was an uphill battle, but Cirie never quit. She positively nailed the social and strategic aspect of the game! AND I REALLY WANTED TO BE HER FRIEND! (Finished 4th)
  • The Winner: Aras Baskauskas. Gosh, I wish he hadn’t won. I never liked him. And Danielle was an idiot for taking him with her to the final two. Although maybe she wouldn’t have had shot against Terry either.
  • The Villain: Shane Powers. He was so annoying and wishy-washy and in tobacco withdraw and GO HOME. Ugh. He should have gone home first so I wouldn’t have had to listen to him talk like a fool for so long. (Finished 5th)
  • The Cutest: Nick Stanbury. Oh my goodness. He was so *swoon*. And also, he seemed super sweet. (Finished 10th)
  • Last Thoughts: Playing with new twists and turns, Survivor. I can’t wait to see what surprises are in store next!


cook islands

Season 13: Cook Islands – The diversity was nice. I’m not sure they had to be divided by race to start to achieve that. But there were a lot of interesting people. And it introduced the larger jury and three people in the final vote! Another Survivor evolution! And a big twist at that. Because holy cow! This changes EVERYTHING. This was a really solid season. I had a good time watching the entire time!

  • First Thoughts: 4 Tribes again? I kinda like that actually. Divided by race? Bet that caused controversy. The return of Exile Island? Okay, Jeff, I support your decision!
  • My Pick for the Season: Yul Kwon and Becky Lee. I couldn’t pick just one. They kinda seemed like an unstoppable duo. So I’m picking both! (And it turns out they were the best little sister/big brother style friendship team!) (Finished 1st & 3rd)
  • Most OMG Moment: Tribe mutiny. Only because, why would you leave? You were winning with a tight alliance. But whatever. Jonathan and Candice are idiots. And remaining four (Yul, Becky, Sundra, & Ozzy) became my driving force for watching the rest of the season! Everyone likes an underdog story, especially me!
  • Favorite Contestant: Yul Kwon. “I feel like the Godfather.” He was the brains behind the operation. And I love to love smart people. He was also really strong. Definitely a solid player. And really honest and good guy. And attractive. That’s the ultimate man right there, ladies. I wanted to cast a vote for him to win a million dollars. (Finished 1st)
  • The Winner: Yul Kwon. And he deserved to win too! I spent all season rooting for him!! 🙂
  • The Villain: Uh, I didn’t particularly like A LOT of people this season. (This is becoming a reoccurring thing I guess.) Mostly I really disliked Candice Woodcock. Candice was so annoying and lazy and whiny. I was pretty happy when she went home shortly after the merge. She didn’t deserve to make it that far. (Finished 8th) Besides my core four, I didn’t particularly like any of the rest of the contestants. And then we had Johnathan Penner. He was a separate enigma all on his own. He just had this vibe. He was a hard worker, and he was smart. I felt I should have really liked him. And I did. Sometimes. But in the same way you like lions, but you definitely want to stay far far away. What a conundrum. (Finished 7th)
  • The Cutest: Was this season even fair? There were so many good looking contestants. It’s nearly impossible to just pick one or two. No, seriously. These people had to have been hand picked for being the best looking group of castaways so far (or ever). Shall I list them? Cecilia Mansilla, J.P. Caldren, Nate Gonzalez, Candice Cody, Parvati Shallow, Adam Gentry, Ozzy Lusth, Becky Lee, and Yul Kwon. 9 PEOPLE. That’s a record for sure. But I’m officially going with Ozzy Lusth. Muy caliente! Those curls and that smile. (Finished 2nd)
  • Last Thoughts: Okay, Survivor, you really mixed things up this time. I’m ready to see what’s in store next!



Season 14: Fiji – The “Haves” vs. the “Have Nots”. One tribe had a luxury camp with all the amenities while the other did not. This season started interesting enough. But THE PEOPLE were not so great. They were alright, but I lost heart a couple episodes in. I just wasn’t interested, no matter the twists.

  • First Thoughts: Dude what is with all these nicknames? And 19 people is an odd number…so that’s definitely odd. AND WHY ARE YOU AVOIDING THEM, JEFF?
  • My Pick for the Season: Yau-Man. He was smarter than all the young kiddos. And he knew how to survive! (Finished 4th)
  • Most OMG Moment: –
  • Favorite Contestant: Yau-Man. I just really liked the nice old engineer. GO ENGINEERS! *fist bump* (Finished 4th)
  • The Winner: Earl Cole. It was unanimous vote. Everyone just thought it was a nice guy, I guess?
  • The Villain: Dreamz Herd. He was overall just kind of annoying. And I only watched a few episodes. So he probably got worse. (Finished 2nd in a tie)
  • The Cutest: Edgardo Rivera. He was just really cute. (Finished 9th)
  • Last Thoughts: Okay, Survivor, let’s get a riveting cast in this next season!



Season 15: China – They were on a lake. In China. What an awesome location! The cast of contestants for this season were really interesting too. Which was a real step up from last season. There weren’t too many surprising twists, save for the hidden immunity idols being actually at the camps. BUT I still was really interested in the game! I know this isn’t that popular of a season. BUT I LOVED IT! No seriously, some of my favorite players ever came from this season (JAMES CLEMENT AND AMANDA KIMMEL!)

  • First Thoughts: I’m so excited by this location! Also, Jeff, thank you for personally introducing every contestant to me. I feel more invested already. And I love when they have to play in what they came in. LEARN TO TRAVEL IN VERSATILE WEAR PEOPLE!
  • My Pick for the Season: Todd Herzog. Devious and intelligent. He was playing the game the minute they got to China! (Finished 1st)
  • Most OMG Moment: James got voted out with TWO IDOLS in his bag. No seriously? He had two idols!! He definitely could have (or rather should have) won the game!! Also, I really loved James so I’d have been pretty happy if he HAD won!
  • Favorite Contestant: Peih-Gee Law. I’m a sucker for an underdog story. And Peih-Gee just kept hanging in there! And now she’s a candidate for the Survivors: Second Chance season. You better believe I’m voting for her to come back!! (Finished 5th)
  • The Winner: Todd Herzog. Ha my devious little mastermind won! Strategy wins!
  • The Villain: Jean-Robert Bellande. He was an annoying and rude and LAZY. And he thought he was far smarter than he actually was. (Finished 9th)
  • The Cutest: James Clement. The man of PURE MUSCLE in all the right places. Nothing else needs to be said. (Finished 7th)
  • Last Thoughts: I loved this season. Okay, Survivor, you’re definitely headed straight up! I’m so excited!

Survivor 16


Season 16: Micronesia – So this was an entirely new concept. And it worked pretty well, even though I feel like A LOT of the fans were HORRIBLE. Luckily most of the fans were voted out first (along with those chicks from Vanatu). But Erik and Natalie were the only real redeeming members of the original Fans tribe. Alexis was annoying, but she made it pretty far. And then there was Jason. The world’s most naive Survivor contestant ever. There’s no way he was a real fan. Because people who’ve watched Survivor before DO NOT think that sticks are hidden immunity idols. They do not think that people’s word is enough to quit an immunity challenge that they could clearly win. They do not blindly trust someone that is clearly in an all-women’s alliance. Sigh. He was an adorable idiot. And then there was Erik, who GAVE UP HIS IMMUNITY NECKLACE. Making him the stupidest Survivor EVER. Or at least in 16 seasons… Made for some great tribal councils though! Overall, I really liked this season. Even with the two medical removals of James and Johnathan (who could have been game-changers)!

  • First Thoughts: FAN VERSUS FAVORITES. This is a good concept, Jeff, and a new one! I’m behind this. Except Johnny Fairplay. Because no. He sucks. And these chicks from Season 9. That season was so boring I gave up in the first episode. So nope, don’t care about them.
  • My Pick for the Season: James Clement. Come on James! You have to have learned from the last time you played this game (which was LAST SEASON)! I’m rooting for you! It was kind of heartbreaking to see him be pulled from the game by medical. (Finished 7th)
  • Most OMG Moment: Okay, Erik you win this one. Because giving up immunity is NEVER a good idea. That’s a hard lesson in not trusting pretty girls!
  • Favorite Contestant: Amanda Kimmel. TWICE she made it to the final tribe council and lost. TWICE. And I think she had a real shot at winning if was more persuasive. And a better public speaker. Runner-up is never a fun title. Especially twice IN A ROW. (Finished 2nd)
  • The Winner: Parvati Shallow. I liked her so much better than on Cook Islands. And she was the ring leader of the Black Widow Brigade. But she couldn’t have done it without Amanda. Well, maybe she could have. But from Day 1, they were each other’s main alliance. So I think the final two was poetic in that fact. And she really did deserve to win. She played a really strong game.
  • The Villain: Alexis Jones. I seriously just did not like her. I’m not sure why exactly, but I really didn’t. Maybe because she was always gunning for my favorite, Amanda. But regardless when she went instead of Amanda (because of her hidden immunity idol), I was psyched. #buhbyebitch (Finished 6th)
  • The Cutest: Ozzy Lusth. Dude, he got more attractive since the last time he was on here. I didn’t even think that was possible. But DAMNNN. He was so attractive! (Finished 9th)
  • Last Thoughts: I really liked this season. The Black Widow Brigade. A lot of the fans weren’t memorable. But the ones that were made for a great season with the favorites. Post merge was GREAT. I have complete faith in you, Survivor. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Although, let’s try not to injury anyone next season!



Season 17: Gabon – A new season, a new group of contestants. No returning players. No special divisions. No more than two tribes. It’s back to the original concept for Survivor. And it was quite an interesting season. Was it as good as Survivor: China? Hell no. But it was still good. I didn’t skip episodes and I didn’t really get bored. I wouldn’t even mind having some of the cast back. The location though was kinda lackluster so pass on redoing that.

  • First Thoughts: I’m not sure I buy into the gimmick this season, Earth’s Last Eden. What are you playing at, Jeff? Regardless, the setting was okay and a fresh cast of contestants was pretty exciting.
  • My Pick for the Season: Marcus Lehman. He seemed smart, charming, and strong. I adored him from Day 1. And he would have gone so much further if it hadn’t been for the “fake-merge” and Psycho Suzie. (Finished 10th)
  • Most OMG Moment: WTF. The immunity idol was sitting in the middle of the table and NOBODY TOOK IT. “It was the apple in the Garden of Eden.” And then they threw it into the ocean. No seriously. They wanted to be unified in their merge. It was pure insanity. These people are insane. And then, they weren’t even merging. HAHAHAHA.
  • Favorite Contestant: Sugar Kiper. I was impartial at first. But then, she went to Exile Island FIVE TIMES IN A ROW. And I started to feel for her. Except that she found the immunity idol the first time and then she got to eat and tan and relax the next four times. HAHA. She was far smarter than I (or anyone) gave her credit for. (Finished 3rd)
  • The Winner: Bob Crowley. A satisfying winner. Bob was, in my opinion, a great guy. I was pretty happy that he won (especially since I DEFINITELY didn’t like Susie). Plus, that bow tie was adorable for an old guy.
  • The Villain: Ace Gordon. I hated him. I hated how he thought people liked him. I hated his stupid accent. I just wanted him to GO HOME. Period. And when Sugar blindsided him, it was PERFECTION. (Finished 12th)
  • The Cutest: Charlie Herschel. He was a precious, adorable man. I loved him. TEAM CHARLIE! (Finished 9th)
  • Last Thoughts: You still got it, Survivor. The classic format definitely still works. On to the next!



Season 18: Tocantins – Another classic Survivor take, two tribes and a fresh cast. I was all for it. Except here’s the thing: it really really reminded me of Survivor: Africa. I couldn’t help it. Which means the season was doomed really. And people really like this season. But I wasn’t really a Survivor: Africa fan. So it was a BIG NEGATIVE for me.I’m not even ashamed to admit that I may have dozed off during a couple episodes this season. It wasn’t horrible (like nowhere near Survivor: Fiji). But it wasn’t good either.

  • First Thoughts: This reminds of the start to Survivor: Africa. Except with better people. And a helicopter. Okay, Jeff, I’ll give this little Brazil adventure a chance.
  • My Pick for the Season: Tyson Apostol. He just had a good strength and charisma that I felt could take him to the very end. And he was so harshly wonderful. “I love to seeing people cry, when you crush their dreams.” (Finished 8th)
  • Most OMG Moment: Is it weird that my biggest OMG was that there wasn’t a tribe swap? I just kept expecting one. And I really really kept wanting one. It really would have freshened up the season for me.
  • Favorite Contestant: Taj Johnson-George. She was a shining star in this season. I really enjoyed watching her. Even when her cross-tribe secret alliance fell apart, she kept on trucking. I’d be psyched to see her play again! (Finished 4th)
  • The Winner: J.T. Thomas. The good ole country boy. He played the game well. HAHA. No seriously, he was just likable so people kept pulling him into alliances with them. Literally everyone thought they could trust him. Even when he was lying to all of them. That southern accent will trick ya every time. I mean, he had basically the same game as the runner-up Stephen Fishbach (who was from New York). But it was J.T. who won the million.
  • The Villain: Coach Wade. I really really didn’t like him. Here’s the thing: he reminded me of Lex van den Berghe from Survivor: Africa. And we all know I HATED HIM. Passionately. And even more so when he returned for Survivor: All-Stars. Which means Coach is bound to be back for another season. So that I can hate him even more. And PS, I still don’t believe those wild stories, lie detector or not. (Finished 5th)
  • The Cutest: Sydney Wheeler. She definitely deserved to be a model. (Finished 11th)
  • Last Thoughts: Okay, Survivor, I’m actually yawning here. Please bring me back to life!



Season 19: Samoa – There are bad seasons and there are good seasons. And thank goodness, this was a really good season! Great cast of contestants and a great location. Were there twists and gimmicks? You know, not really. This season didn’t really need it. And, of course, it goes without saying that this season introduced Russell Hantz. Because we all know he’s coming back. And I, personally, am beyond excited to see him play again. There quite a few strong contestants this season. And an underdog story. No seriously, Foa Foa going into a merge 4-8 and still making ALL of the final contestants be Foa Foa? That’s GREAT gameplay. The only thing I really missed was that tribe swap. We all know I love the tribe swap.

  • First Thoughts: 20 people in the gorgeous country of Samoa? I’m all for it. Also, thank you you, Jeff, for making them all dress in tribe colors. First season I’ve really noticed that. And I applaud it. Also, Russell Hantz you are on my radar, and it’s only episode 1!
  • My Pick for the Season: Russell Swen. The other Russell. You were the best leader. You were loved by your people. His tribe was a the winning tribe. I picked him from day one on the beach. And I really think he could have gone all the way. I was so sad when he was pulled from the game by medical because of severe dehydration. It was really really scary. Farewell, other Russell! (Finished 14th)
  • Most OMG Moment: Russell H. found TWO HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOLS with NO CLUES. That’s a feat. I haven’t see that in 19 seasons. It was super impressive really. And then a third one, though with a clue. WHO FINDS THAT MANY IDOLS?! WTF.
  • Favorite Contestant: Russell Hantz. I’m 100% positive that he was supposed to be a villain. But I LOVED HIM. He was a crazy horrible man who spent every day lying to everyone and playing them like puppets. It made for some interesting TV. And I adored him anyway. I have no idea why. But I really thought it was great how he was playing the game. I think I spent every episode pressing pause to tell my father “Oh my god, let me tell you what Russell just did/said. It was great.” And I’m going on and on about Russell but he really really made this season for me. I didn’t want to miss a single minute of an episode! Which was a big thing for me, especially after last season (and my episode naps)… Oh my god, do I like him more than Boston Rob!? What is this non-sense?! (Finished 2nd)
  • The Winner: Natalie White. Did she really deserve to win? Did she even do anything? Did you really even know her name until the finale? No. No. No. Dammit. Only Russell deserved that million. She didn’t even really play the game! She just never pissed Russell off. This was such an unsatisfying winner after such a great season. DAMMIT.
  • The Villain: Laura Morett. She had a god complex. Which is really the worst. Plus she was a foe to Russell and Shambo. And I liked them. So any foe of theirs is a villain in my book! (Finished 10th)
  • The Cutest: Mick Trimming. Setting really high expectations for doctors everywhere. *Swoon* Actually, he’d be great on Grey’s Anatomy. Thumbs up, Mick! (Finished 3rd)
  • Last Thoughts: What a great season! I can’t even imagine what Survivor has in store next! But I’m pretty damn excited to find out!


heroes v villians

Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains – Aw. Boston Rob got old. I really should have seen that coming. Don’t care. Love him anyway. And this season definitely called me on my “Do I like Russell more than Rob?” dilemnia. And no, no I don’t. Boston Rob, you are still my Survivor hero. I even considered not finishing the season after James and Rob were voted off. BUT I still wanted to see how it all played out! (And just how far Amanda would make it just to NOT WIN again…) Don’t you guys just feel bad for Amanda? She celebrated 100 days on Survivor and yet she never won. Sorry dear Amanda. You deserve a win. Amanda is my favorite lady Survivor EVER. Yes. Now that is a true statement. Actually, this was a really good season. And a good concept. AND, on top of everything, it made me like Coach and Jerri and Tyson. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?! I really liked this season, better than All-Stars (although I really really missed Richard Hatch).

  • First Thoughts: OH SHIT. Yes. So much yes. Also, who the hell is this Danielle chick? Am I supposed to know her? She’s a villain. Nah, pass.(No seriously, I googled her and saw her picture. And I remember that there was a person there with Terry and Aras, but I don’t remember her as a person, let alone a villain.) Also, a lot of the villains are my favorites. Who decided who was a villain and a hero? CANDICE IS NOT A HERO! I HATE HER! Also, welcome back Russell. Please complete for my love with Boston Rob. This season is gonna be SO REAL. Oh my god. I’m so excited. SO EXCITED!! 
  • My Pick for the Season: There are 10 real options. Because let’s be real, a hero is not gonna win this season. But which villain is gonna win? Hmmm. Okay, I was gonna pick Russell or Boston Rob. But I WILL NOT FALL FOR THAT AGAIN. They will both have a great game. BUT neither of them would get the votes. Unless they went up against each other? Damn those people! I’M NOT EVEN GOING THERE. BECAUSE IT WON’T HAPPEN. Moving on. Who will be able to slip through the cracks AND manipulate the others? Okay, a woman. A villain woman WILL win this game. See all the thought I’m putting into this? THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Sandra Diaz-Twine or Parvati Shallow. It’s gonna be one of them. Ooh, a two-time winner. They’re the smartest women and the most ruthless. PLUS, they’re two of my favorite women to play this game! DING DING. (Finished 1st and 2nd)
  • Most OMG Moment: Tyson. Tyson. Tyson. WHY?! You created your own demise…and subsequently Rob’s too. And I even liked you! UGH. UGH. NOT OKAY.  They’re alliance had such promise and wit! And who would I be not mention when JT GAVE RUSSELL AN IMMUNITY IDOL?! Oh sweet innocent naive JT… Don’t you know that Russell is running the show? Actually, no he didn’t. I looked it up and apparently NOBODY got to see Russell’s season before they set out for season 20 because it had yet to air. Which gave him a HUGE advantage. Because Russell was such a snake. AND he could play the exact same way because NOBODY KNEW HOW EVIL HE WAS!
  • Favorite Contestant: RUDE. This section is just rude. I cannot pick just one. Amanda Kimmel, James Clement, and Rob Mariano. Because I’m never giving them up! Maybe one day they’ll each go for a round 4?! Because that would be great! And also very sad if they still didn’t win. (Finished 9th, 14th, and 13th respectively)
  • The Winner: Sandra Diaz-Twine. TEAM SANDRA! Guys, she’s the best player to play this game. TWO TIME WINNER. Literally, nobody else can say that. EVER. Because Sandra is crafty. I’m really happy with this winner. Because how can you not be happy with Sandra scraping up another win?
  • The Villain: Russell Hantz. The villain of the villains. That makes him the ultimate villain. Which, come on, that’s actually incredible! And alright, I still like him… BUT he was definitely a villain. Because anybody who takes out Rob is bound to be a villain. Still, Russell will get another shot eventually. Because he makes for GREAT TV. And a really interesting game. (Finished 3rd)
  • The Cutest: Tyson Apostol. Somehow he got more attractive? Did that really happen? Or did I just miss it because I was a Survivor: Tocantins hater? DAMMIT. Well I see the light now. (Finished 15th)
  • Last Thoughts: That was really intense. Now, Survivor, let’s get a little light-heart cast next season. Fun and fresh. I’m ready.

That’s the middle portions of the seasons! These have been some truly great seasons (some even better than the first ten). There’s been hidden immunity idols, fire-making tie breakers, game advantages, FAKE HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOLS, fake tribe merges, real tribe merges, tribe swaps, returning players, and ALL THE DRAMA! Below are my superlative nominations from these middle 10 seasons.

  • Favorite Season: Season 15: China, Season 16: Micronesia, & Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains
  • Least Favorite Season: Season 14: Fiji
  • Favorite Contestant: James Clement & Amanda Kimmel
  • Favorite Winner: Yul Kwon, Todd Hertzog, Parvati Shallow & Sandra Diaz-Twine
  • Cutest Male Contestant: Ozzy Lusth, James Clement & Tyson Apostol
  • Cutest Female Contestant: Amanda Kimmel & Parvati Shallow
  • Best Villain: Russell Hantz
  • Best OMG Moment: JT GAVE RUSSELL AN IMMUNITY IDOL. Officially the stupidest move in Survivor history.
  • Best Quote: “It’s a fucking stick!”

I’ll be back with another review post of the last 10 seasons when I finish those! And THEN the rankings of every season along with my Survivor series superlative winners! For now, let me know what you think in the comments!

-Any thoughts on Seasons 11-20?

-What was your favorite and least favorite of these seasons?

-Most memorable players?



  1. So happy that you are continuing this! Just know you are about to enter a rough patch of seasons (21-24). Or at least that is the popular opinion. I personally believe even bad Survivor is great TV.

    And you have great timing because Survivor Second Chance is season 31 so everyone should be fresh in your mind. Good luck with 21-30!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m actually really excited for Survivor Second Chance! I just watched all these players (well, most of them. I still have 8 seasons to watch!) so it’ll be really interesting for me! I’ll probably review that whole season one episode at a time!

      I am excited to finish these last few seasons and rank the entire series…and I’ll finally be able to read all the articles I want without trying to avoid spoilers!

      Thanks for continuing my reviews with me!


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