Survivor Seasons 21-30 Review

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast

Recently, I’ve taken to watching SurvivorHow could I have waited so long, you ask? Okay, no, is that not funny anymore? Dang it. Well, this is my third post in the Survivor seasons reviews. We’re finally to the last of the seasons! Oh my goodness! I never thought I’d make it!

Again, I will say that I did not watch every season. But I haven’t felt that I’ve missed any of the good seasons so far. So I’m not worried that I missed the best season (or anywhere close). I will note the seasons that I didn’t finish!

Unlike with previous posts, this one was mostly done after the conclusion of Season 30, so forgive my season 31 excitement from spilling over into my reviews. Also, this is going to be another long post. But I hope that it’s as entertaining as the last ones (or even more so)! Feel free to leave your opinions (agree OR disagree) in the comments! Now, without further ado, let the reviewing (and rambling) begin!



Season 21: Nicaragua – After Season 20, I was super pumped for another season. Unfortunately, I should have known that an all returnees season is never followed by anything good (remember that Vanuatu came after All-Stars? *shudder*). Two episodes in, I gave up. It was just too awful. Actually, I gave up on Survivor in general. I figured that if I couldn’t watch Chase Rice play the game that I love, then I must just need a break from the game. For weeks, I watched nothing. Seriously. (Okay, no I watched Veronica Mars instead. Which is really good actually. So I suggest you watch it.) ANYWAY, I lost heart. I lost faith really. And I blame this season (and that tragedy that was Season 30, which I still watched live each week). But then I searched online and found that most people agree that this is a terrible season. So while I’m going to permanently pass on this season, I wasn’t ready to truly give up on Survivor, not really. Weeks later and I did finally give Survivor another chance…with season 29 (and that’s a whole different story and review found below).

  • First Thoughts: Is that Chase Rice? Okay, yes it totally is. Pro Race Car Jackman? What even is that? How about country singer/love of my life? No? Okay, whatever. I’m totally moving on. Totally. Also, old versus young. Under 30 and over 40…sucks to be 33 HAHA. Okay, but really, this could be a nice theme. But these people seem kinda boring.
  • My Pick for the Season: Chase Rice. I mean, he was the only one I cared about watching. And even he made for boring Survivor TV so…. (Finished 2nd)
  • Most OMG Moment: –
  • Favorite Contestant: –
  • The Winner: Fabio Birza. Some hot guy boring guy won.
  • The Villain: –
  • The Cutest: Chase Rice. Because OBVIOUSLY.
  • Last Thoughts: This was just really bad. Let’s forget this happened, Survivor.



Season 22: Redemption Island – This season has such a bad rep. So I had nothing but low expectations. But it wasn’t really that bad. I mean, anything with Boston Rob was bound to have my attention. Even if he had to play four times to win, I still #adore him. And this season wasn’t really that good. But a whole season of Boston Rob? Okay, they could do worse.

  • First Thoughts: Russell vs. Rob. Is this a real season? Seriously? Okay. I’m in! But if Rob goes home, that’s it. I quit. Also, Redemption Island? Not sure I like the sound of that…
  • My Pick for the Season: Boston Rob. No seriously. He has to win eventually. I ❤ Rob! (Finished 1st)
  • Most OMG Moment: Boston Rob finally won. Even though it seemed like he was the winner, I still doubted it. Because Boston Rob never wins. But he did. *fist pumps*
  • Favorite Contestant: Boston Rob. HAHA. There was absolutely no contest here!
  • The Winner: Boston Rob Mariano. Um, I’m so so biased but I love that Rob finally won. Yeah, people think he’s overrated. But SO WHAT?! The guy is a GREAT player. And makes for great TV. #teamiheartrob
  • The Villain: WHO CARES? No really, I didn’t even care because Rob could defeat anyway.
  • The Cutest: Andrea Boehlke. (Finished 5th). I mean, only because Rob was a little old…
  • Last Thoughts: I mean, overall, this was a crap season. But Rob was there and he won, so it gets a Survivor pass. But on to the next; maybe it’ll get better.


Season 23: South Pacific – This season started out okay. But then somewhere along the way, it became a struggle to watch. I HATED Sophie. And Albert? #nope And Coach? Seriously, three seasons of Coach is TOO MUCH. One season of Coach was too much really. Without Ozzy, I would have skipped this season at episode two. Well, except for Edna. Guys, I really liked Edna. GIVE EDNA A SECOND CHANCE!

  • First Thoughts: Redemption Island season? Again? Okay, I’ll give this another shot. But I wasn’t that big a fan of the concept LAST season. And it’s Ozzy and Coach. Soooo, is this is a repeat of Season 22? Bet the producers want Ozzy to finally win. Well, me too, Survivor producers.
  • My Pick for the Season: Ozzy Lusth. ❤ Literally one of my favorite players ever! Yes, I am one of those Ozzy fans. (Finished 4th)
  • Most OMG Moment: Cochran flipped sides. Why? IT WAS NOT IN HIS FAVOR. Why take 7th over 6th? WHY? Stupid move. SO STUPID. I hate him. He was supposed to be smart and that move was NOT SMART. And really, I think I just hate him in general. Go home Cochran.
  • Favorite Contestant: Ozzy Lusth. Because obviously. I really really wanted him to win! I was literally cheering for him. And I finished watching this season just to see if he could pull out the W. He deserved to win, dammit!
  • The Winner: Sophie Clarke. Seriously? I wish she wasn’t here. Ugh. At least Coach should have won. #teamcoachwade
  • The Villain: Gosh, who did I hate more: Cochran or Sophie? I really really hated them both.
  • The Cutest: Ozzy Lusth. Although, I really preferred the shorter hair from Micronesia.
  • Last Thoughts: Well, that was really disappointing. Thank heavens it’s over. On to greener trees and bluer waters, Survivor.


one world

Season 24: One World – I really didn’t think this season was nearly as bad as Season 21-23. But it was a little boring and predictable. Not terrible though; it just needed something more. I think that men versus women never really works out to be one of my top seasons. Although, there are certainly people who enjoy those seasons (*cough* amazon *cough*) a lot more than I ever did. So maybe I’m just weird. And I wanted A LOT MORE OF COLTON.

  • First Thoughts: Men versus women with a twist. It’s been a really long time since we had this theme! Maybe this will come out better than last time!
  • My Pick for the Season: Kim Spradlin. Because “Bridal Shop Owner”. Now that would be a good winner. (Finished 1st)
  • Most OMG Moment: Colton took his immunity idol home as a souvenir. HAHAHAHA. That was hilarious. I officially love Colton.
  • Favorite Contestant: Colton Cumbie. HAHAHAHA. I was dying laughing every single time that he came on the screen. He was absolutely hilarious and evil. #bringbackcolton (Finished 13th)
  • The Winner: Kim Spradlin. And boy did she deserve it. The lady worked her butt off to not only run an alliance and win challenges, but to also get her fellow contestants to adore her. Damn, that women could play.
  • The Villain: Troyzan Robertson. *shudder* He was rude and annoying and I loved the all-women’s alliance! (Finished 8th)
  • The Cutest: Jay Byars. He was so pretty. Not the brightest…but so pretty. (Finished 10th)
  • Last Thoughts: I actually liked this season. It wasn’t all that interesting and I mostly saw the boot order about 10 people out. But still, Survivor, you’re on your way up.



Season 25: Philippines – They say this is the turning point for the new Survivor. That it really picked Survivor up out of the rut it was in. And I’d have to agree. I really enjoyed this season. I would love to see some of these people back to play again. AND I really really like the three tribe format! WAY TO GO SURVIVOR!

  • First Thoughts: I’m actually into this concept. I liked Russel. And I’ve been waiting for Michael to get another shot since season 2! And Jonathan Penner. Well we all know I love/hate that enigma of a man. So game on. Plus, the fresh characters seem great!
  • My Pick for the Season: Michael Skupin. His odds look the best from day 1. Plus, it’s been like 8 years since he played. And he fell in a fire. He deserves it! (Finished 2nd, in a tie)
  • Most OMG Moment: I was more surprised at how good this season was overall, than any particular moment. I think Survivor was really going downhill. It was bad and then okay. But it failed to regain that je ne sais quoi that made me fall in love with it. This season, it was back. And I couldn’t be more satisfied. I think this was Survivor on it’s way back up!
  • Favorite Contestant: Malcom Freberg. Oh dear heavens this man was attractive. AND SO SWEET. And I really wanted him to win! (Finished 4th)
  • The Winner: Denise Stapley. I was satisfied with this winner. I liked her. I liked her game. She deserved the million.
  • The Villain: Abi-Maria Gomes. She was INSANE. But she made for great TV. And she’s back for a Second Chance in Cambodia!! Here’s to hoping she lasts long enough to lose her mind! (Finished 5th)
  • The Cutest: Malcom Freberg. Oh goodness, this man was so hot. And sweet. And a pretty damn good player. I’d actually love to see him play again.
  • Last Thoughts: So Survivor is clearly moving up the ladder. I really enjoyed this season! Bigger and better things must be on the horizon.


Season 26: Caramoan – Online they claim this is a good season. I think that’s because it gets compared to South Pacific, Redemption Island, and Nicaragua. But listen here, it was an okay season. Just an OKAY SEASON. Season 25 was a GOOD SEASON. This is not. I certainly never want to watch it again. But I finished it.

  • First Thoughts: Do I think this is going to be as good as Micronesia? Ha not a chance. Do I think it’ll be better than Nicaragua? What isn’t really. But how is this fans versus favorites? Exactly who are the people that listed these people as their favorite? What the hell. There is no way that Cochran or Dawn were anyone’s favorite. Malcolm and Erik are the only reason to watch this season.
  • My Pick for the Season: Erik Reichenbach. From fan to favorite. Now that’s a Cinderella story. I want him to win! BE SMARTER ERIK. I mean, it has been five years… (Finished 5th, again actually)
  • Most OMG Moment: Tribal Council at the challenge. Brandon Hantz…I’m done. I’m done with your whole family actually. Let’s never seen any Hantz’s on Survivor again.
  • Favorite Contestant: Malcolm Freberg. I really really love this guy. Even if I really really didn’t like the rest of the cast.
  • The Winner: John Cochran. That was painful to type actually. A final episode with him and Dawn in it was painful to watch….and there was a lot of fast-forwarded. There is no convincing me that this was supposedly a good season.
  • The Villain: Can it just be the whole cast? I’M SUCH A HATER. Forgive me.
  • The Cutest: Malcolm Freberg. He was worth bringing back just to enjoy his beautiful physique again. (Finished 9th)
  • Last Thoughts: Please, Survivor, do better than this. Be all that you can be.


blood vs water

Season 27: Blood vs. Water – I had really high hopes for this season. AND IT DELIVERED. I haven’t seen such a good season in awhile. No seriously, let’s all forget Seasons 25 and embrace this season as the shining star of the new era of Survivor. We all know this theme has been used again (because I’m a season skipper and cheater). It had a good cast of returns, from a variety of seasons. Plus, Gervase was there from Season 1!! EXCITING. Definitely a season worth watching twice. And the loved ones were just as great as the returnees (which is always a worry when you have half an unknown cast and half a returning cast!).

  • First Thoughts: We all know that I watched Season 29 first…and that I liked it. So with returning players and that same concept? I think this season could be one of the GREATS!
  • My Pick for the Season: Tyson Apostle. HE CAN DO IT. No seriously, he’s in great shape and he seems way smarter this time! (Finished 1st)
  • Most OMG Moment: THEY DREW ROCKS. No seriously. The last time this happened was Season 4. 23 SEASONS LATER BEFORE IT EVER HAPPENED AGAIN!! Thank you, Survivor, for the gift of Ciera. Or rather, thank you Laura Morett (who I really liked this season). Also, why wasn’t the rock purple?
  • Favorite Contestant: Vytas Baskauskas. Who would I thought I would adore this guy? Because I hated Aras. But his brother? Him, I enjoyed immensely. I’m really really excited to see him back on Season 31! #teamvytas
  • The Winner: Tyson Apostol. A lot of luck and a lot of skill and you can win Survivor! There were people I wanted to win more. But I like Tyson and he really did play a good game. A deserving winner!
  • The Villain: Candice Cody. Can it just always be Candice? Round three and I STILL HATED HER. Sigh. I guess she’s just always going to be the worst to me. Luckily, she was on Redemption Island most of the time, and I didn’t have to watch her. (Finished 16th)
  • The Cutest: Ciera Eastin. This girl was just cute and feisty. I’m psyched that she’s coming back for Season 31! #teamciera (Finished 5th). But also, can I mention Hayden Moss? Because oh dear heavens, SWOON. (Finished 7th).
  • Last Thoughts: Okay, Survivor, you have upped your game. I am so so on board. Let’s do this!



Season 28: Cagayan – Nothing but good things came from this season. Actually no, lots of bad and crazy things happened. Just not to me, so it was very interesting to watch. And remember how I called Season 27 a shining star? Well, Season 28 is literally pure gold holding a sparkling diamond. I LOVE THIS SEASON SO MUCH. I watched it twice. No really, I had to make my parents watch it after I finished it, because it was just that good. Also, a switch back to the two person final tribal council. That was a twist I didn’t see coming. Will this continue or was it a one time thing? I kinda hope it’s a one time thing. I’m more of a fan of the three person final vote. Overall, GREAT season. HIGH HOPES FOR THE FUTURE OF SURVIVOR. Let me just say, I have not been this entertained by an all original cast since Season 15: China. IT’S JUST THAT GOOD.

  • First Thoughts: Beauty vs Bronze vs Brain. I’m game for this division of tribes! I gotta hand it to you, Jeff, this is a great theme. WHICH QUALITY WILL PROVE TO BE THE MOST USEFUL?!
  • My Pick for the Season: Tony Vlachos. He was a snake. But a crafty snake. And it was hilarious. So I, naturally, adored him. (Finished 1st)
  • Most OMG Moment: I think the first merge Tribal Council where not one, but two immunity idols were played AND Kass caused a great upset by switching alliance to usurp Queen Sarah.. “Who’s the queen now, Sarah?” WELL NOT HER. #BLINDSIDE
  • Favorite Contestant: Woo Hwang. The ever positive and adorable Woo. Nothing could get Woo down. And also, ninja moves. BUT BAD DECISION ON THE FINAL TWO, WOO. BAD DECISION. Luckily, he has a chance to redeem himself and show of his abs again in Season 31. (Finished 2nd) Also, yes, I am a person that liked Woo. Get over it. I also really liked Spencer Bledsoe. He reminded me a lot of my little brother (like A LOT). All annoying and confident and strong. And I love my brother. But sometimes I want to bop him upside the head. Same with Spencer. (Finished 4th) But seriously, I’m beyond excited to see them back for this new season!! *fist pumps*
  • The Winner: Tony Vlachos. He played a GREAT game. I wasn’t sure I liked him. But I always respected his game play. And then he had a spy shack, a bag of tricks, and he spoke llama. So he totally won me over. Those other players were pissed, but COME ON. HE PLAYED TO WIN. He was the KING of the switching things up to blind side his own alliance members. Don’t mess with Tony. #CHA-CHING
  • The Villain: Kass McQuillen. Chaos Kass. She played a pretty interesting game. I enjoyed watching her, but I’d never want to play Survivor with her. And she said she wasn’t there to make friends. So it makes sense that nobody liked her. She kept things interesting. But I’m still glad she didn’t win. (Finished 3rd) And she’s also back for Season 31. I predict an early boot, but entertaining TV while she’s still there!
  • The Cutest: I mean this season had a Beauty Tribe so there were a few to choose from but I think Morgan McLeod took the prize for the Beauties, even if she was lazy and nobody liked her. (Finished 10th)
  • Last Thoughts: I’m highly impressed Survivor. 28 seasons and you’ve still got it. Always keeping me on my toes.



Season 29: San Juan del Sur – Guys, I’m sorry. I watched this one out of order. Like wayyy out of order. Right after Season 20. Well like 3 weeks later because I was in a Survivor rut and I tried Season 21 and it was SO BORING. I almost gave up Survivor. But I decided to watch this season. Because it has a bad reputation. And I figured if I was gonna already hate this season, then might as well try it now. EXCEPT, I didn’t hate it. Not at all. Actually, I liked it. I watched every single episode. It reignited my Survivor fire. Was it the best season? Well no. Was it the best group of original castaways? Again, no (HELLO CHINA and later CAGAYAN!). But it was a decent season. It was worth watching. And heavens, it was so much better than the mess that became Season 30.

  • First Thoughts: Blood versus Water. I wanna be on that kind of season! This looks good!
  • My Pick for the Season: Reed Kelly. I really thought he had a shot. He was smart enough and fairly athletic. Actually, I’m surprised that he wasn’t one of the nominees for Season 31 since he didn’t win. (Finished 8th)
  • Most OMG Moment: Why was Missy not forced to quit the game when she couldn’t participate in the challenges? I was NOT on board with that all. You can’t participate, you go home. End of story.
  • Favorite Contestant: Natalie Anderson. Nat was excellent. She was smart and bold and a real player. (Finished 1st)
  • The Winner: Natalie Anderson. The person that deserved it the most won the million. Which doesn’t always happen. So I was really excited for that. YOU GO GIRL!
  • The Villain: Jaclyn Schultz. Could there be a more annoying player? (Okay, yes, Lil in Season 8. She was the WORST). But Jaclyn gets second place for MOST ANNOYING. Even though her boyfriend was smoking hot.
  • The Cutest: John Mich. What an American heart throb. Although, I’m not sure he was the brightest and his girlfriend was annoying. But whatever, at least he was pretty to look at.
  • Last Thoughts: Thank you, Survivor, for restoring my faith in you. I’m ready for more!



Season 30: Worlds Apart – And this is where I started! I was excited for my first live season of Survivor. Although, I grew impatient waiting week to week. This stemmed from the fact that I was catching up on the 29 previous seasons in the meantime, sometimes an entire season in one day (if it was a Sunday). I did enjoy the concept for this season. And I obviously liked it enough to go and watch all the seasons of Survivor. However, the worst people made it so far that the end of the season was really annoying.

  • First Thoughts: This is an interesting game. Which tribe should I root for? I wonder exactly how this game works? (Guys, I really knew NOTHING about the game.)
  • My Pick for the Season: Joe Anglim. He had such potential! He was sweet and cute and strong. Actually, he reminded me of Malcolm from Philippines (who is one of my favorites EVER). Sadly, he didn’t make it near as far as he should have. BUT he will be back for a second chance in season 31! Which I’m beyond pumped for! (Finished 10th)
  • Most OMG Moment: Will being the world’s BIGGEST JACKASS. I hate you. You are a horrible person. #byeFelicia
  • Favorite Contestant: Shirin Oskooi. The quirky and slightly annoying but quite intelligent Shirin. Her confessionals kept me highly entertained. People were always so negative about her, but I was really rooting for her at the end. Lucky for us, she’ll be back next season too! (Finished 8th)
  • The Winner: Mike Holloway. If anyone else had won, I would have been pissed. Mike really pulled it out though, winning FIVE INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY challenges. That puts him up there with Colby and Terry. And he deserved the win. He played fast and loose and it was just so fun to watch and root for. GO MIKE! You deserve it!
  • The Villain: Dan Foley. Will Sims II. Rodney Lavoie Jr. Rude. Misogynistic. Annoying. Which one was I describing? OH RIGHT, ALL OF THEM. There was SO MUCH TO HATE about these guys. And they all lasted SO LONG. I seriously considered not watching the rest of the season because of these guys. But I really wanted to see if Mike could pull off a win. Like, I don’t even want to go into all the reasons there were to hate these guys, because it pisses me off SO MUCH. I better never see any of them on this show again. EVER. (Finished 6th, 2nd, and 4th respectively)
  • The Cutest: Joaquin Souberbielle. I think I spent the entire time he was on the show thinking how attractive he was. And smart. Because he was smart. Blindsided though right after the tribe swap. Farewell hunky Joaquin. (Finished 13th)
  • Last Thoughts: Was it the best? Not even close. But it did start me on my Survivor journey. And the finale left us with the contestants for next season, Survivor: Second Chances in Cambodia! So I’m definitely excited for that! 1,000% excited, if we’re talking percentages (and I will miss you Mike, but we both know you’ll be invited back eventually!)

And with that, I have watched all the Survivor seasons! What a crazy journey it’s been! Between the tribe merges, the tribe swaps, the immunity idols, the blindsides, the backstabbing, the game advantages, and ALL THE DRAMA, it’s been pretty intense. Below are my superlative nominations from these last 10 seasons!

  • Favorite Season: Season 27: Blood vs. Water & Season 28: Cagayan
  • Least Favorite Season: Season 21: Nicaragua
  • Favorite Contestant: Ciera Eastin, Shirin Oskooi, & Spencer Bledsoe
  • Favorite Winner: Natalie Anderson, Kim Spradlin, Tony Vlachos, & Mike Holloway
  • Cutest Male Contestant: Woo Hang, Hayden Moss, & Malcolm Freberg
  • Cutest Female Contestant: Morgan McLeod, Hali Ford, & Brenda Lowe
  • Best Villain: Abi-Maria Gomes & Chaos Kass McQuillen
  • Best OMG Moment: Season 28. Period.
  • Best Quote: “I’ll be sitting in my spy shack.”

I’ll be back with the rankings of every season along with my Survivor series superlative winners! For now, let me know what you think in the comments!

-Any thoughts on Seasons 21-30?

-What was your favorite and least favorite of these seasons?

-Most memorable players?


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