My Welcome Back

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything on my former “Entertainment Blog”. Which, really, wasn’t all that entertaining. Some here and there movie reviews and an excessive amount of Survivor reviews. But that’s the past. Because this is my new and improved blog.

Welcome to my world: Superheroes, Life, and Reality TV

The tagline says it all for me, doesn’t it? This is more an just entertainment. This is my life. And that includes my love of superheroes, reality tv, and everything in between.

So this is my welcome back note to myself. My welcome to me note for you. And my foray into posting whatever I feel like, not just a few reviews that might please someone else.

CLEARLY, I don’t have many (*cough*any*cough*) readers. So here’s my Carrie Bradshaw toast to writing what I want, when I want.

Follow at your own delight. It’s going to be the ride of my life. Obviously. 


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