Single and Not Mingling

Is that a thing? Like “Hi, I’m 24. Single. And I prefer Netflix and Wine to Netflix and Chill.”

Here’s the thing: Dating looks hard. And miserable. And absolutely terrifying.

But that relationship thing? Ya know, the #relationshipgoals on Instagram, the “Meals for 2”, tickets that come in pairs, and someone who always answers your phone calls? Well that part looks fantastic.

So how do you get from Point A to Point Z? I HAVE NO IDEA. And, honestly, I’m not sure I’ll ever get that “soul-searing kiss in the rain” moment. But maybe, I’ll find someone to watch superhero movies with that happens to hold my hand on airplanes? Maybe. Maybe not.

But I haven’t given up. Haven’t lost hope. I’m just not in a hurry. Sometime the best things in life surprise you.

Right now, I’m here to enjoy life. So here I am. Here is me: flaws and all. Single and not mingling. Love me. Because I do.



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