‘Tis the Season

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It’s November 2nd. And that means I can officially start celebrating my favorite holiday of the year! (And yes, I realize that Thanksgiving still has yet to occur.) But let’s be real for a moment, November is the start of the “holiday season”. It’s just a combo of two great celebrations that lasts for 60 days (three if you’re including champagne toasting for New Years, which I do).

There’s lights, movies, music, FOOD, wine, and just general good cheer. Even the cold weather feels like an extension of the holiday. (Come January 2, I’m 100% done with cold weather, thank you.)

And so, without further ado, I bring you My Favorite Holiday Traditions*. 

*That are not solely food. Because food menus for this holiday season are to come. Seriously. I love food. And cooking.*

  1. Ice Skating – This is actually my favorite “Thanksgiving” tradition. It’s not a set day, but sometime in that 4 day span of the holiday, we go ice skating. And I’m absolutely terrible. I know, been going for 15 years and I still can’t do a beautiful spin like Michelle Kwan (who I had a poster of on my wall as a kid. Seriously, not Britney Spears but Michelle Kwan.I had GOALS people.) But still, I can make my way around the ice in my mittens and just enjoy the day. And with all that calorie burning, I feel great about having dinner at the Italian restaurant across the street. (This is a picture of Michelle Kwan ice skating. Not me. Obviously.)2002 US Figure Skating Championships
  2. Christmas Shopping – Because seriously, who doesn’t LOVE holiday shopping? Actually, I think I like wrapping the gifts more than buying them. Because I’m a strange duck who digs finding the brightest, shiniest, most exciting wrapping paper. (Which makes me sound like a treasure hoarding dragon LOL). And yes, I participate in Black Friday shopping. Ya know, for a few reasonable hours (like 9-12) and then grab lunch with my mom. I’m not a completely crazy person.
  3. Christmas lights – There’s a setup near my house where you drive through and see lots of different designs and decorations of Christmas lights. And sometimes you have to wait a hour or so to get to the actual lights. But it so so worth it. Because Christmas lights are stunning and magnificent and beautiful. Plus when we wait, I get hot cocoa and cookies for the ride (like a holiday stakeout or something). AND the drive to get to the show takes me through the neighborhoods where they go all out on their outdoor decorations/lights. Or maybe I just make my route take me there because it’s AWESOME. I save this tradition till just a few days before Christmas (because some people don’t put up their decorations up very early and I like to get the full effect). christmas-lights-for-decoration
  4. Holiday Movie Weekend – Ya know, where you FINALLY get around to watching all you favorites with all the wine you ordered online and that HUGE tin of popcorn you bought? Doesn’t everyone do that? I mean, I’m talking a real weekend event here. With all my favorites: Home Alone (1&2), The Polar Express, Love Actually, and I’ll Be Home for Christmas. And the rest of my family’s requirements: A Christmas Carol (the Jim Carey one), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (the TV special), and Die Hard (seriously, my brother insists this is a Christmas movie). Not that this stops us from watching other holiday movies throughout November and December. But these holiday must-haves. And trust me, there are Thanksgiving movies too. My mom DVRs basically EVERY holiday movie event on the Hallmark Channel so we have plenty of those to go through. (No really, she’s makes us watch like 3 a week starting this week till after New Years. And I’ve even started to enjoy them over the years. So now I am an old lady who watches Hallmark movies. JUDGE ME.)
  5. FOOTBALL – Is this even a question? I’ve spent more than one Christmas day at the stadium. It’s a blast! And my dad and I have season tickets again, so we’ll be enjoying plenty of Sundays with other Chiefs fans! We even have a game on Christmas day this year (perfect way to spend the day, if ya ask me). It’s not holiday season without tailgates and football games. (And finally, a picture that totally is me, well and my dad, slaying the selfie game. Of course.)12961719_10206398971595298_8367495538020053097_n

And now that I’ve made you fully and 100% prepared for the holiday (or made you hate me because I am one of those horrible people who start holiday celebrations on Nov. 1), I am running away. Maybe to decorate the tree. Or well, I guess I’ll wait till Friday. BECAUSE I HAVE RESTRAINT. *hahaha*

“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.”



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