Logan Review

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have been very vocal that this is their last foray into the X-Men universe. And if Wolverine has to go out, this was the movie to do it on. MILD SPOILERS AHEAD. (I mean, obviously. But just in case.)

I’d like to pretend that I am above tearing up at a comic book movie. I would by lying, of course. So here is my take on the Logan movie. In a completely different format than my last review. Because  I can do whatever I want.

Opening Thoughts – Jesus. This is some bleak shit. They really went full “Old Man Logan” here. Which, is what people wanted really.

Most Epic Moment – Dafne Keen is a great actress. Especially for how young she is! She slaughtered soldiers left and right like she was BORN to play the next Wolverine.

Ending Thoughts – I’m just sad. I mean, it was a truly great film. I’d give it awards. But there is just no way not to be sad about this ending.

Hugh Jackman Review – 100% can confirm that this man is like a fine wine. He only gets better with age. DAMN.

Would I Recommend – Definitely. It’s worth the hype people.

The End of the OG X-Men – Dear Sir Patrick Stewart, we shall miss you greatly. Nobody ever played Professor X so well. But this showing was next level. And THAT is how you go out on a high note sir. Touché.

The Future of Wolverine Predictions – If you didn’t see those group of mutants kids headed for the border, and automatically think “Now there’s the New X-Men”, you probably can’t follow the money train. And honestly, those kids were great! I’d totally watch a movie or trilogy about them.

Don’t forget the funny – Yo! Shout out to that little Deadpool short before the film started. Absolutely perfection.

And with that, I conclude my review. Short and sweet. Because some movies just speak for themselves.



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